The Power of Ozone Disinfection now avaiable

in select Austalian Laundromats.

What is Ozone?

Ozone, (O3), contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. We can often can smell Ozone before a storm when Oxygen Molecules (O2) are split by lightning and pair with other Oxygen Molecules to create Ozone. 

The Power of Ozone

Ozone is the second most powerful disinfectant in the world and naturally reverts back to ordinary oxygen after it has done its work. Ozone attacks most organic soils and kills bacteria and viruses 3200 times faster than chlorine bleach. 

Benefits to Laundry Users

The use of Ozone Technology in laundromats results in a disinfected and sanitized wash which kills most known viruses and bacteria. Wash quality is also improved due to the ability of Ozone to allow detergents to better penetrate the linen. 

We are Experts for Ozone Laundry in Australia

We provide the most powerful form of Ozone disinfection available for laundromats therefore keeping your customers safe from many of the most common viruses and bacteria.

Ozone Disinfection Keeps Customers Safe

When used in a laundry application ozone disinfects the wash water and everything in the wash water. 

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